Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Caesars
500b 12th Street, Murray, KY 42071
Home of the DEEP DEEP DISH PIZZA and Hot-N-Ready Pizza & Wings

After a long day at work I finally decided to try out the chicken wings at our local Little Caesars. After all I'd heard plenty of raves from coworkers about Little Caesars Deep Deep Dish Pizza. Furthermore after looking at the Little Caesars website I knew they had a number of wing varieties including Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan and Bacon Honey Mustard.  

So after I got home I decided to order my wings and I used the website to get an idea of quantity and prices, along with the local Little Caesars phone number.  I placed my order and asked them about the different varieties. The girl who answered the phone said that the wings were six dollars an order, however I informed her that the website stated they were five dollars an order and upon arrival I spoke to the manager on duty about the price difference.  Of which I soon learned he obviously didn't know exactly how to handle the situation, so I asked if he could contact the owner because I felt that it was just a minor issue that could be handled easily with a simple phone call.  

Not too long after the situation started it was promptly attended to by the owner and I have to say not only was the owner appreciative and apologetic about any inconvenience I might have had but he handled the matter in a very professional manner.  I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome and greatly appreciate his prompt attention to one of his patrons.  

In closing I have to note that my wings were outstanding and Little Caesars of Murray gets a big thumbs up! 

My sincere thanks goes out to the owner for correctly handling the price conflict and I look forward to trying more of the menu at Little Caesars of Murray.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today is December 6, 2012 and I had time to look over some of my article comments today.  First of all let me say that I thank everyone that posted positive comments.. and I understand that not everyone is positive in fact some people are really hostile at my article and actions at having called the health dept.. Let me say that I did what I thought was the right thing to do..

To put it simply I did what I thought was the only alternative action when I didn't feel the establishment took my concerns seriously.   I do however regret that it has severed my ties with the establishment because overall Victor's is no different than any other establishment and may have just had an off day.. but it was the way the owner handled my concerns that resulted in my actions..

Furthermore let me state that I have started this blog in order to post more of my articles that are local service oriented..

I want to assure people I write articles based solely on my experiences and try only to stand up for what I believe in .. after all its like the old saying "if a tree falls in a forest.. and nobody is there does it make a sound.." of course it does.. and my writing is my way of having my voice heard and in some way by reading my articles, reviews and blogs .. You are in turn hearing the "noise" or what I have to say.. and for that I am grateful

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Background and Other Articles

I have been a nurse for years but my passion is in my articles.  I have also been a writer for Yahoo for the past few years and have enjoyed it tremendously.  I feel as though everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in, therefore I have started this new blog.  My goal is to write articles showing my view point on a variety of subjects such as local restaurant establishments, government issues and services.  I have a found that a lot of people and Ezines have started following my articles so this new blog is just another avenue in which to give them more access to my work.  I appreciate everyone that has pushed me to further my writing and stand up for the little guy.  For more articles please visit my Yahoo article selection at:  http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/604913/kimberly_cummings.html

Thank You..

Victor’s “West Kentucky’s Sandwich Specialist” Incident

Complaints About Drink Quality Results in Getting Office Barred from Delivery Service

A few weeks ago while working I made a lunch delivery order with Victor's a local eatery that I had become very fond of over the years. The store has a numerous selection of deli sandwiches, snacks, sides and some various dessert items. I had grown to love a handful of these sandwiches over the years and used the eatery often since I rarely have time to leave work at lunchtime.
This particular day I order a "Pastrami Reuben, baked beans and a iced tea". The order came in a timely manner and after sitting down to eat I was less than thrilled with the way the iced tea tasted. It had a somewhat soapy, antiseptic taste. It didn't taste like it had spoiled but instead had some kind of a flower smell to it and this weird after taste that I couldn't quite put my finger on. At first I called the store and asked what kind of tea I was given. I asked the question because I was thinking that possibly I could have been given some sort of fruit tea since that would explain the weird smell and taste. I explained to the owner that it was a soapy, flowered taste and that was why I was asking. He stated that it was just plain tea. I hung up but after getting sickly feeling I called back to ask him again if he had tasted it and told him that perhaps he should discard it and fix another batch. He stated he had thrown it out and fixed another batch but explained the weird taste as possibly the container hadn't been fully rinsed out while cleaning. I said I had started feeling a little sickly and he stated that he was sorry and simply hung up.
I felt like I had been wrong done by the owner since he had delivered the food himself and could have offered to bring me a free drink to replace the one I had, however he didn't. I was extremely upset about the whole incident since he knew that I was one of his regular customers and spent on average ten dollars every time I placed a delivery from his store.
I have someone in my family that has studied to be a food handling specialist and hopes one day to become a USDA Food Inspector. I called him to find out what possibly be reason for the weird taste in my tea and I explained the whole drink incident to him. He stated that it definitely could be that it wasn't rinsed out properly but if I was so inclined I could report it to the local health department for further work-up. I told him I thought I might since I was concerned at how sick I was feeling.
I made a couple of phone calls to the local health department and gave my information and told them they could come by and get the drink considering I had almost a full drink left, however I never heard from them. Ultimately after 24 hours I threw the left over drink away and forgot all about it.
As of today I was astonished to learn that I have been barred from placing any other orders from the eatery. It seems as the owner has decided that my complaint is reason to refuse me service and for that matter everyone else that works out of my office. I know that it is his right to refuse service but what does a person do when they have a complaint and the store seems to disregard it. I stand-by my original complaint and by complaining to the health department and I sincerely hope that I may have stopped another person from feeling ill due to improper rinsing or cleaning practices.
Overall I think the store has a wide variety of decent sandwiches and good service but in this instance their lack of disregard for a frequent customer is appalling. I can only hope that in the future the owner pays more attention to anyone that calls to report a food issue, especially if they say they feel sick. I also hope that the owner learns from this article that I truly did enjoy his food however barring a patron because they make a complaint is uncalled for, as well as extremely childish.
Victor's is located in Murray Kentucky at 13th and Main.
The End.